"Tell me, and i forget. Show me, and i remember. Involve me, and i understand."


Music isn’t just a subject or mode of entertainment. If given a closer look, music is a lifestyle in itself.

The journey began in 2009, when Sagar Belsare (the founder) actively started performing professionally in events and commercial live shows, and in the absence of internet back then, realised the necessity to bring industry-oriented expertise in the music education field.

400+ musicians
1000+ live gigs

Growing up as a child surrounded by instruments such as the tabla, harmonium, sitar, veena, tanpura, and pakhavaj, the aura created around these sounds always intrigued Sagar more than any other toys or TV shows. Soon after he started acquiring professional music lessons, his skills caught the eye of many live-show performers, and that’s how it all started. Ever since, Sagar has performed in various live shows, covering a wide range of songs right from R.D. Burman, Jatin-Lalit, Shankar-Jaikishan, to A.R. Rahman, Vishal-Shekhar, to Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, to Metallica, Pink Floyd, GnR, to Yanni, Hans Zimmer to name a few!  Till date, Sagar has performed across India and UAE with nearly 418+ musicians belonging from various genres.


A considerable time after having performed in live shows, Sagar used to find himself surrounded by a bunch of people waiting for lesson enquiries after his shows. That proved the first stepping stone for the inception of The Rhythm Story. At present, we provide grade-courses in:

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